Amma’s Vendhaya Dosai/Fenugreek Pancake

Vendhaya Dosai is a healthy wonderful dosai that is very simple to prepare.This was my staple food during exams. For some reason it helped me focus and get through with very little sleep during semester exams. My amma used to make a big batch of this dough and I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner with molaga podi/Idli powder. The dosai does not have any udad dhal but is soft,tasty and the bitter taste of fenugreek is not felt. I liked this dosa because it had little holes on top that was perfect to stuff with molaga podi/idli podwer. My entry to Herb Mania: Fenugreek hosted by Redchillies.


Dosa Tava


Pacha Ahrisi/Raw rice/Long Grain – 4 cups
Fenugreek Seeds – 1/4 cup


1. Soak fenugreek in little water overnight.

2. Soak rice seperately in water overnight.

3. Grind rice and fenugreek with the fenugreek water into a paste. Add more water if required.

4. Add salt and allow to ferment until it rises like regular dosa batter.

5. Made dosa that resemble a pancake.It is then that small holes form on the top.

6. Serve it with molaga podi and oil. Thats the way I like it the best.

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