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Taste of India is a food blog aggregator that aggregates RSS feeds from Indian food blogs (or blogs that feature Indian cuisine primarily) and features the latest posts whenever a blog is updated. It hopes to serve the purpose of supporting the Indian Food Blog Community in terms of convenience, offer exposure and increase readership.

1. A page has been dedicated to each blogger which lists the links (titles) of older posts along with dates they were published.

2. Food bloggers can update their feed address at ‘suggest a feed’ by filling a form.

4. You can subscribe to ‘Taste of India’ xml feed. (http://www.connect.sailusfood.com/feed).

Update (Nov, 2011) Food bloggers actively blogging since 3 months (of starting their blog) AND with at least 20 entries (posts) fulfill the criteria to be part of TOI. Feeds of food blogs less than 3 months old will not be added to TOI. If your blog fulfills that criteria, use ‘suggest a feed’ form to add the blog feed at the end of the first three months of blogging. TOI reserves the right to accept or reject a blog feed. It may take 48 hours to one week for the blog feed to appear at TOI. Please remember TOI is a free community service and your co-operation is appreciated.

Taste of India for you, enjoy surfing!

Taste Of India is created and maintained by Sailaja

Taste Of India will not be held responsible for the contents, accuracy, completeness or validity of any information updated by the contributors. All postings are the sole legal responsibility of the contributors.

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