Jhat Phat Sabzi – Capsicum Paneer

A jhatpat sabzi with nutritious ingredients, capsicum and paneer. Appealing to the eye and the palate, this super quick, utterly simple stir fry is lightly spiced and makes a good side with phulkas or a filling for a wrap/roll.


Indo-Chinese ~ Vegetable Hong Kong Style with Fried Noodles

A light vegetarian stir fry dish that is flavorful, colorful, substantial and healthy. Serve the stir fried vegetables over a bed of fried noodles or steamed rice and enjoy the symphony of flavors and textures. Not to mention, your family get to eat their 5 a day portion of vegetables in a single meal.


Curried Kidney Bean Wrap

Wonderful summer time wrap that is super simple to bring together. Light yet filling meal. Pack your child’s lunch box with these protein rich wraps or cut them and serve as appetizers at a party.


Tomato Kobbari Pachadi – Tomato Coconut Chutney

A perfect summer time chutney that makes use of farm fresh red tomatoes. Fresh coconut finds a place here but the pachadi highlights the predominate sweet-tart flavor of tomatoes and its gorgeous pink-orange color.


Tindora Sabzi – Ivy gourd/Gherkin Stir fry (4)

Less is more. This tindora/ivy gourd recipe walks away a winner with the minimal of ingredients and a flavor to die for. I love the simplicity of this recipe and how comforting it is to the palate. Amchur or raw mango powder is what gives the tindora, a boost of flavor.


Capsicum Tomato Curry

A recipe you can serve at a potluck with any flavored rice or Naan or simple phulkas. The nutty flavor of peanuts and sesame seeds mingles well with the tart taste of tomatoes and sweetness of capsicums.


Hyderabadi Aloo Biryani

There is something really good about Vizag weather since the past few days. Pleasant cool weather during peak summer season is very unusual and called for leisure vegetarian cooking with warming flavors. Aloo Biryani and Capsicum Tomato curry was our meal this afternoon.


Cucumber Mango and Kidney Bean Salad

Prepared a vibrant, hearty, low fat, high fibre salad using kidney beans and ripe mango for lunch today. Simple salad with the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors.


Eggless Chocolate Brownie Cupcake

Temperature has dropped down drastically since last 48 hours due to Cyclone Laila. Cool weather prompted me to bake some eggless brownies. I followed a eggless chocolate brownies recipe from Chowtimes and it didn’t disappoint. Rich, with melt-in-the-mouth texture, these brownies are to die for.


Coriander Roasted Dal Chutney

Fresh coriander is hard to come by during summer and when available, its exorbitantly priced. My vegetable vendor who supplies fresh vegetables, grown in his small farm, brought 2 bunches of fresh coriander. Delighted, I put my favorite herb to use by way of an easy breezy chutney to go with out morning breakfast, Dosa.


Pudina Pulao – Mint Rice

Light, aromatic and immensely flavorful rice dish that uses very few ingredients. The mint flavor is subtly infused in the rice without being overpowering. Tinted with a light green shade, smelling of warmth and sunshine, pudina pulao makes for an endearing meal to serve family and friends.


Marie Biscuit Chocolate Rolls

Marie Biscuits are our family’s favorite tea time biscuits. There are numerous desserts one can make using them and today’s recipe is a sweet treat that can be served in a get together or party. Eggless chocolate rolls, quick to make and delicious! Easy chocolate dessert that even a 10 year old can whip up in minutes.


Egg Kurma

An inviting egg curry that is loved by all at home. There are numerous versions of egg korma floating round the internet. But today’s recipe is bookmark-worthy. The combination of heady spices and coconut sauteed along with the onion-tomato base gives the egg kurma its unique flavor that is hearty and comforting. Makes a great side with biryani or flavored rice.


Summer Coolers ~ Watermelon Smoothie

Come summer, its the season for watermelons. I usually blend the watermelon cubes along with fresh mint and serve chilled. Watermelon smoothie is another great summer cooler that is prepared using de-seeded and cubed watermelon, strawberry crush and honey. Simply superb!


Quick Summer Meals ~ Spiced Kidney Bean Sandwich

Yesterday, we had Rajma Chawal and Pineapple Mint salad for lunch. I kept aside some cooked rajma (kidney beans) to prepare a salad. Today, I made a Mexican inspired kidney bean filling for sandwich. Lovely flavors and made for a filling meal with watermelon smoothie on a hot summer day.


Pineapple Mint Salad

Prepared a Thai inspired salad using pineapple and cucumber, a refreshing medley along with a touch of fresh mint. I omitted roasted peanuts which are an integral part of most Thai salads. You can also add some grated fresh coconut and summer fruit, mango or papaya.


Summer Coolers ~ Fresh Mango Juice

Summer is the only season one can relish fresh homemade ripe mango juice and I make best use of our home grown mangoes. ‘Suvarnarekha’, a variety of sweet mango is best suited to prepare mango juice. Its pulp blends well to yield a smooth creamy juice.


Quick Summer Meals ~ Cracked Wheat with Roasted Vegetables

I tried a Mediterranean inspired recipe that calls for couscous and bell peppers. Replaced couscous with dalia and I had a vibrant vegetarian meal bursting with color, flavor and textures. Made for a quick, healthy and tasty vegan meal.